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This is Online Casino Gambling, the best site on the web to find out about South African online casinos. Whether you want casino reviews, tips for playing or information about the gambling industry, this is your ideal first stop. There’s a growing world of casino table games, slot games and more waiting to be discovered!

Getting Started at South African Online Casinos

Here at Online Casino Gambling, you’ll find a series of articles to get you started in the world of online gambling. You can follow the links after each of the headings on this page to learn more about the topics they describe.

We look at the legality of online gambling in South Africa, how to make your withdrawals and deposits and much more. Check out our series of casino reviews to help you pick a casino that suits your style, or read our FAQ section to learn the basics of casino and slot play.

South African Online Casino Gambling Legality

Online gambling is still a relatively new field, with sites opening daily and spreading into new parts of the world. Many players are unsure of the legality of gambling online, due to confusing laws and the legal state of traditional casinos in many countries.

This section of the site takes a look at the legal question of gambling in South Africa, helping players to make informed decisions about the risks of online play. South Africans should note that they proceed at their own risk when gambling online. This also looks at the licensing regulations of online casinos and what a player can look for to ensure authenticity.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals at South African Online Casinos

The first step to playing at an online casino is depositing funds- without that, you won’t get far! We discuss here the typical deposit methods used by online casinos. These methods tend to be universal but are worth understanding properly to avoid mistakes.

Withdrawal of funds is equally essential, so we take a look at the processes involved, the waiting times and what to do when problems arise. There are several methods of deposit and withdrawal, from standard bank cards to online services like Skrill, which South Africans can use with online casino websites.

Benefits of Playing at South African Online Casinos

There are a whole host of benefits to playing at South African online casinos! The growing world of online gaming is always opening up new options and exciting forms of entertainment for South African customers.

This section examines the key benefits of using South African currency (the Rand) and sites which are regulated for South African players. There are certain standards and hallmarks to look for which can help you choose a site that benefits you the most. Access to support in your region and your language are especially vital for a smooth online gambling experience.

South African Online Casino FAQ

There are a lot of terms relating to online gambling that can cause confusion, especially since this is a new world for many players. Thankfully, the terms tend to be consistent from one site to the next, so you only need to learn them once.

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section will help to explain some of the common terms and processes involved with online gambling for South Africans. Read these when you come across something you don’t understand, or before going further into the site if you want a foundation of knowledge to get you started.

Does online gambling have any restrictions?

Thankfully, online play actually has few restrictions. This is especially true when compared with traditional offline gambling. Online casinos are limited in the payment methods they can accept, since all transactions are done via the internet and cash is naturally not an option.

Fortunately, the kinds of payment methods they can accept are getting more varied. Big credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are largely accepted, while most players use electronic services like Skrill and Easy EFT to send and receive money. Some players also cite the lack of face-to-face support as a restriction, but this is being addressed with features like Live Chat Support, where a user can talk to a support agent live in chat. Most sites also offer phone and email.

What are bonuses and promotions?

Many online casinos offer bonuses, which take the form of free cash or credit. The format of these tends to be the same, but check your chosen site for more details. Usually they are offered to players joining a site for the first time (Welcome Bonuses) and involve the casino matching your deposit.

For example, a deposit of R100 might be met by R100 in free cash from the casino! They can be either automatic, or dependant on you entering a code with your deposit. When in doubt, casino sites will explain this in the Promotions section of the site. Be aware that most deposit bonuses also come with requirements from you, such as needing you to spend it all before you can withdraw.

What should I do if I don’t get paid?

Don’t panic! Mistakes can happen with online casinos as much as any business. When winnings fail to appear in your bank or other withdrawal destination, this is most often a simple mistake or a drawback of the technology involved. Provided that you play on sites with a good reputation and certifications, you can relax and simply contact their support team.

Most commonly, the cause is simply the time it takes for a withdrawal, which tends to be a few working days, rather than instantaneous. Check your account section on the site and see if the payment reads ‘processed’ or similar, in which case it’s often the bank which is taking the time. Also check that you’ve entered your details correctly. In any case, your casino’s support staff will help you sort out problems; check to see what methods of contact they provide in your language.

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