Android Mobile and Tablet Online Casinos for SA Players

Can I access online casinos on my Android device?

The expansion of the casino gaming industry into the online world has created a growing market, powered by players who seek convenient, high-tech gaming. This is reflected in the demand for casino games on phone and tablet devices. Fortunately, the vast majority of Android devices can support this exciting new way to play.

Accessing online casino gambling on an Android device.

Many online casino sites offer a mobile alternative, simply because the demand is so high. Users who enjoy the convenience of online casinos in comparison to offline casinos, avoiding all the fuss of travelling, dress codes and crowds, often want to go one step further. Not only can online casinos be enjoyed in the comfort of the home, they can now be accessed by handheld Android phones and tablets, giving players the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Playing on mobile or tablet also offers certain new advantages. The smooth, easy-to-use experience of touch screen technology is often seen as preferable to using a mouse. Tapping replaces clicking to allow players to spin reels or move chips with a flick of the finger.

Modern Android devices also offer excellent graphic quality, taking advantage of the artwork and animation that goes into creating online casino games. Developers now bear mobile versions in mind while creating games, so many new games have a dedicated mobile version with the right screen ratios and button size. Naturally, another huge advantage of playing on your phone or tablet is the portability and convenience it offers, letting you play anywhere in the home or even out and about. A wide variety of casino sites have mobile versions and will often advertise this with an Android logo, or a special mobile section. You can also find Android online casinos with the Google Play app store. Casinos vary between offering an app experience or simply letting you log in using the Android browser.

Android devices are famously more adaptable than Apple devices, so the Chrome browser for example offers full Flash player support. New apps for playing can be found easily. The majority of sites that offer mobile play can only offer a limited number of games for mobile users, but casino games are being adapted or updated for mobile play all the time. Slot games are the most common type for mobile play, since they fit the small screen so well, but some table games are moving to mobile too. These are especially suited to Android tablet devices with larger screens, that can display all the detail of, for example, a craps board.

Security is an understandable concern for mobile players, but casino site security is the same for mobile as it is for desktop. Many mobile casino apps let you use a PIN number instead of your full log in details, to save time. Be wary of using unsecured public Wi-Fi for this kind of activity, however, as neither Android nor the casino site can guarantee the safety of open connections.