Progressive Jackpots for South African Players

What are progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are a feature of both offline and online casinos, but they are especially well suited to the format of online play. This type of jackpot is usually part of an online slot game, won through certain symbols or a bonus round. Progressive jackpots are special because they keep growing until someone wins, so they can offer huge amounts of money.

The beginner’s guide to progressive jackpots.

The majority of casinos offer progressive jackpots. Most often they are built into slot games, while similar types of prizes on table games are instead treated as tournament pots. This set up can vary but should be very clear, because online casinos always display progressive jackpots proudly. The best place to find progressive jackpots is on multi-line video slots. The progressive slots on most sites are original titles, specially made for the purpose, but occasionally they feature on TV or movie themed slots too. Online casinos will feature their progressive slot games prominently, usually in their own sub-section of the menu or at the top of the slot game list.

The progressive part of the name refers to the way that progressive jackpots form over time. As each person plays the progressive slot, a little of each bet goes into the pot. This is just like a normal jackpot in a game like bingo, with the difference being that the money carries over constantly. In other words, the jackpot becomes progressively larger until someone wins it. These jackpots can rise to huge amounts, because as more people play, the amounts get larger, which attracts more players. These new players make the jackpot grow even more. The rate of increase accelerates very quickly once a progressive gets some attention, making for a very exciting and tense period where many players compete to get the prize.

The great benefit of these jackpots, aside from the potential to rise into the millions, is that they allow online slots a glimpse of multiplayer action. Many progressive jackpot chasers consider it a competitive game, trying to win the jackpot before their rivals do. Of course, the sooner the jackpot gets won, the smaller it will be, so part of the fun is keeping it going as long as possible. This means that progressives have a collaborative feel as well as competitive one. Often, a progressive jackpot becomes the hub of a site’s community. They also attract a lot of new players to online casinos, but may not always be the best choice for someone who just wants casual play.

Most progressive jackpots are won by getting into the slot’s bonus or feature round, which happens when the right bonus symbols land on the reels. This lends even more excitement to the fun of entering a bonus round, on top of the special animations and music. The exact criteria for winning depends on the slot game, but will be clearly listed in the slot’s paytable or help section.