Online Roulette Guide for South African Players

What is online roulette?

Casinos throughout the world offer roulette, so it’s no surprise than online casinos offer an online version of roulette. This is often the first game that new players try, as an iconic table game seen in several movies and recognised by the wheel and board. Online roulette is a virtual version of the table game, following the same rules but using an animated wheel.

The beginner’s guide to online roulette.

The name ‘roulette’ has its origins in French, meaning ‘little wheel’. This comes from the wheel featured in the game, which is instantly recognised by new casino players. While offline casinos will use an actual wheel set into a table, which is spun around with a ball inside, online roulette uses a computer animation of a wheel instead. The randomness of the wheel is ensured with a random number generator, so in most aspects, online roulette is identical to offline roulette. The game is based around betting whereabouts on the wheel the ball will stop. The wheel has red and black stripes, numbered 1-37 (or 38 depending on variations) and one green stripe with the number 0. The ball must stop on one of these stripes.

Roulette is played by betting on which of the stripes or numbers the ball will land on. This means that players have a broad variety of bet types. For example, players might bet on one number, giving a roughly 1 in 38 chance. The simplest and perhaps most famous bet is red or black, meaning that the player bets that the ball will stop on one of the two colours. This is almost a 50/50 chance, remembering to count the slim chance of a green result. The green result is a win for the house and can happen at any time, meaning that there’s always a chance of losing on Roulette. However, online Roulette can offer a wide variety of bet types that go beyond usual casino rules, since it’s so easy to experiment with new formats in a computer program.

The standard roulette game is known as European roulette, while another version seen online is American roulette, with two greens stripes (0 and 00), giving the house a slightly better edge. Because it’s disheartening to lose on a 0, some casinos offer players a second chance to save their bets. You can always consult the help section of your game or casino site for more details on roulette. Each game developer has its own versions, but most are broadly the same. The possibility for extra variations is part of the attraction of online roulette, along with the fact that it’s portable, quick and easy, especially compared with travelling to an offline casino.

Most of the phrases from traditional roulette are still used online, such as a ‘street bet’ which means betting on any three horizontal numbers. Roulette dealers are known as ‘croupiers’ and some sites even offer live croupiers, using a streaming webcam to combine the real world and online experiences.