Online Slots Guide for South African Players

What are online slots?

With the growth of online casinos, the appearance of a wide range of online slots was inevitable. These games are an iconic part of online gambling and visually resemble the slot machines seen in arcade, bars and casinos around the world. Online slots take the spinning reels of a slot machine and turn them into a virtual experience on the screen.

The beginner’s guide to online slots.

Online slots may seem confusing at first, because they have a lot of special features, modes and variants. However, the beauty of online slots is that versions are available for beginners as well as experts, which do not take long to understand. Those who play traditional slot machines, like those seen in casinos, will have a basic understanding already. Online slots work on much the same principal, with the mechanics of the game replaced by electronics. The new wave of slot games have a lot of benefits and new ones are being released constantly, with advanced graphics, features and progressive jackpots which rise as more people play.

The vast majority of online casinos will offer slots games. New slot games tend to be based around movies and TV shows, using the familiar characters and locations in their features and artwork, but others are original titles designed purely for slot gaming. The first thing that you will find upon choosing a slot is that it will probably use multiple lines. Some casinos offer single line games, other are multi-line and some have a choice. Single line slots are like traditional slot machines, where you spin the reels, then hope to match three symbols along the middle row. Multi-line games can be won diagonally, in zig-zag patterns and various other ways, but the combinations will be listed on the slot’s paytable or information button. Of course, there are no mechanical reels in online slots, but instead the result of the animated spinning is determined by a random number generator. Many sites have a section to explain this system, whereby numbers are picked at random artificially and used to make the game results random.

Most online casinos offer a demo or fun mode, allowing you to play the slots for free while you get the hang of them. You cannot win real money this way, but it is a great way to see if you like a game before spending money. Slot games will always have a spin button, which sets the reels in motion and places a bet. Some have an auto-spin mode which will keep spending your funds automatically, allowing you to be hands-free, so use this with caution.

Most slot games will have a paytable section to tell you what symbols you need in order to win. Usually, three or more in a row from left to right is a winner. Some symbols are wild, so they can substitute for others. Some symbols represent a feature and will trigger special bonus rounds, where online slots shine thanks to their enhanced graphics. Bonus rounds are essentially mini-games where you can win bonus cash and should be self-explanatory, but if not, consult the information or help button on your game.