Video Poker Guide for South African Players

What is online video poker?

Video poker is a relatively new game, which has only been possible since the advent of computerised casino gaming. This game is a single-player variant of poker, using the same themes but being played against a computer dealer instead of other players. Video poker is more similar to a slot machine than the traditional poker card game.

The beginner’s guide to online video poker.

Video poker began as an electronic game in traditional offline casinos. When casinos began to move online, video poker was an obvious choice to follow, being a simple game which can run very easily on any computer. This game is ideal for those who enjoy poker but want a solo experience, able to play at any time online without needing to find other players. Video poker is also ideal for online slot players who want a variation on their usual games. There is no bluffing mechanic in video poker, but it does use virtual cards and awards prizes based on hands. In essence, this is a slot game where cards replace the symbols and hand combinations replace symbol combinations.

There is a lot of terminology associated with video poker, because of it being based on standard poker. For example, a hand refers to your set of five cards and the four suits have the same names- hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. The usual winning hands exist too, from a pair to a full house and higher. The exact winning order can vary sometimes, as video poker is not held back by the usual poker rules and many online casinos offer variants with special ways to win.

Video poker is a very quick game to play and pick up. Usually, the game will start by dealing five cards to the player, which may already be a strong hand, or may be useless. The player must decide whether to keep the hand or discard some of the cards, in the hope that better cards are drawn to replace them. This is like holding reels on a slot machine and hoping for a match to land on the free reels. When a winning hand occurs, the game automatically registers it and pays out depending on the paytable. Better hands win better prizes, based on the rarity of the hand, just as with traditional poker. A royal flush is usually the top hand, with most video poker games rewarding it with the jackpot.

There is an element of skill to video poker, as the player must decide when to discard a hand or stick with the cards they have been dealt. The strategies involved vary when special versions of video poker are introduced. Many online casinos offer variants like Tens or Better, where players can win with a pair of tens, lower than the usual minimum of two Jacks. A new player could easily make a mistake if they don’t understand this variant, by discarding tens that they think are useless. Check the help or information section on the video poker games you play to make the most of the game.