EcoPays Deposit Option at South African Online Casinos

Making online casino deposits using EcoPayz.

Many South African online casino users will pick one deposit method and stick with it, while others will change from one site to the next or simply change depending on their personal circumstances. EcoPayz is a popular choice for users who play on several sites, saving them a lot of time.

The benefits of using EcoPayz with South African online casinos.

When choosing a deposit method, users will be presented with various options, from credit cards like MasterCard to online payment sites like EcoPayz. The latter option may not be immediately obvious for many users, with traditional credit cards being more widespread and easily recognised, but online payment sites or e-wallets are becoming increasingly popular too. EcoPayz is one such e-wallet, comparable to services like PayPal or Skrill. EcoPayz is registered in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA, making this method a dependable choice with strong backing. More importantly for South African users, EcoPayz is recognised by several South African casino sites.

The mechanism behind EcoPayz is that the user first deposits money from their bank account or card to EcoPayz, just like transferring cash into a wallet. Then, the money is transferred from EcoPayz to the casino site. In essence, EcoPayz works like a middle man; you fill your e-wallet with cash and then use that cash to play online. For some users this is considered a disadvantage, an unnecessary extra step which can take up time. Others see several advantages in using EcoPayz. The first among these is that once you have made your EcoPayz account and funded it, you can use it for several things. Users who play on several casino sites and shop online a lot can use EcoPayz for all of these, meaning that they only have to remember one set of details.

This can make depositing faster. When choosing a deposit method for your South African casino, you will see EcoPayz as an option if they support it. The deposit page is usually found in your My Account section or along the top navigation bar. At this point, an EcoPayz user has a lot less information to enter than a card user; often the site only needs your username and password. This information is saved, to make future deposits instant. This saving in time and effort grows as you use more casino sites, making EcoPayz a popular choice for people who use several online casinos.

Another advantage of EcoPayz is that overspending is more difficult. Since your e-wallet needs to be filled beforehand, you are less likely to deposit more than you can afford by accident. EcoPayz is free to join, but fees may apply to certain transactions. The site enjoys encrypted security, privacy and involves no credit checks. Please note however that casinos have varying policies with EcoPayz, some requiring high minimum withdrawal amounts, so it may be best to use a mixture of methods. This information can be checked on the site’s FAQ section or by contacting their support staff.