Getting Started with South African Online Casinos

Are you new to online gambling and want to know where to start?

You are not alone. There’s a new world opening up for casino fans, as online gambling becomes available across the world. South Africa has seen renewed interest in this area, so as new sites and opportunities appear, new players are looking for a starting point to explore this growing pastime.

Start By Covering the Basics

You will be among hundreds of people joining online casinos for the first time, attracted by their accessibility and fun games, now available in your own home. You may have a site in mind already, or you might still be choosing one. This site and others like it are excellent resources for choosing a casino site; have a look at our reviews section and see what catches your eye.

Many new players will choose a casino based on welcome bonus. When you arrive at a site in your browser, you’ll almost always see their welcome bonus information displayed prominently at the top. You can read more on this site about welcome bonuses, but in any case remember to read the terms before accepting one. Importantly, remember that you don’t have to sign up straight away. Most sites let you explore a little without creating an account, or even play the games in ‘demo’ mode for free, just for fun.

Take a look at the welcome bonus, which is usually based on your deposits. Look at the most you can get and how much you need to wager to complete their requirements. Ideally you want a bonus of 100% or more, so that the casino doubles your money, giving you plenty to try the games with. You should also check that the site accepts the payment method you wish to use, from Skrill to MasterCard; otherwise your time might be wasted. At this stage, it’s also wise read up a bit about the site and the games they offer. There’s usually information on the bottom of the home page, or along a top navigation bar, split into sections. When you’re happy, you can sign up using your email address and preferred payment method.

The next thing encountered by new players is the option to download software. Many sites offer this and the option will always be displayed prominently. Downloading software means that the casino will install a program on your computer. This is generally recommended, as it will allow the site to run at full speed and capacity; some games are only available via download and not on the browser alone. This method also removes compatibility hurdles with different browsers and should let the games load faster. Installing software should be quick and easy, with most casinos having step by step instructions. Doing this early on can save your internet data and speed later on, but you can still try the site out through your browser first if you wish. Software can be uninstalled easily if you change your mind.

Lastly, remember that online gambling is about fun. Always play responsibly and only play with funds that you can afford to lose. Losses can be frustrating, so it’s important to be careful from the start and remember than gambling online, just like gambling offline, is about entertainment first and foremost. When in doubt, about this or any other aspect of online play, don’t forget that you can contact the site’s support staff for more advice.