Making Deposits and Withdrawals at South African Online Casinos

What are deposits and withdrawals at online casinos?

The deposit and withdrawal process simply refers to sending and receiving money from an online casino. In order to play the casino’s games, you need credit on their site; you can’t simply spend your money directly from your bank account, like putting cash in a slot machine. Similarly, winnings must be withdrawn in lump sums.

How do I make withdrawals and deposits?

This process may seem slow at first, but in fact it makes good sense. You can put much better controls on your spending by only having a certain amount of money held as casino credit at any time. Think of it like putting some money in your wallet before visiting a casino, and leaving your bank card at home. You are therefore limited to what you took with you.

The credit you have with an online casino is just like that wallet; first you need to transfer money from your bank account, or other source, to the casino. This is where the depositing system comes in. You will usually find both depositing and withdrawing in the same section of a website, which may be part of your Account page, but in any case will always be clearly labelled, usually along the top of the page. On your first visit you will likely be guided through the depositing procedure during sign-up, along with any welcome bonuses you’re entitled to. Many such bonuses work by giving you free cash based on that first deposit, so you might want to consider that when deciding how much to deposit.

Usually, you will first choose a deposit method. Simply select card, Skrill, Neteller or whatever you prefer. You will then enter the details for that method, such as card number, security code or email address. Many users choose a third party service like Skrill to avoid having to enter card details on several sites. Finally, you simply enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm it. Most casinos will have a minimum amount that you can deposit at once. Remember to check the amounts before you confirm; it’s very easy to type in R1000 instead of R100! That’s all there is to know about depositing, which should take place instantly. If not, don’t keep clicking the button, in case it submits multiple times by mistake. Go back and refresh the page.

To withdraw, you again go to the same section as you used for depositing, where you’ll also see a withdrawal option. Again you choose your method (though most sites ask you to use the same method you deposited with), then enter the amount you wish to take. Again, there may be minimum amounts you need to have in credit before you can request it. Withdrawals can take longer to process, usually a few working days, though this depends on the casino and the payment method. You can actually check on your account page, on most casinos, to see what stage the withdrawal is in. Once processed, it’s in the hands of your bank, or third party service. Your casino help page will often explain these waiting times.