iPhone Mobile Online Casinos for South African Players

Can I access online casinos on my iPhone?

One of the great strengths of online gambling is the added versatility it enjoys, compared to offline or traditional casino gambling. Online casinos are built for access by a web browser. This in turn means that an internet capable device like an iPhone can play online casino games, provided that your chosen casino site supports this technology.

Accessing online casino gambling on an iPhone.

The growing world of online casino gambling has led to big leaps in the technology involved, with casino sites and game developers invested a lot of money into software that powers online casinos. A large part of this progress revolves around mobile gaming, a relatively new branch of casino gaming. The fact that online casinos are entirely web based meant that developers quickly realised that there’s no reason why a smartphone could not access a casino site as well as a computer. Naturally, there’s a great deal more to the technological side of enabling a site for mobile play, but the leap was obvious and inevitable.

Therefore, many casino sites now offer a mobile version of their games. Most often, the mobile version of a site is a little more restricted than the desktop version. The reason for this is simply technological limitations, as some casino sites have quite complex structures which phones cannot always handle. Fortunately, however, most new games are developed with mobile play in mind and can support both formats. You may find that you do not have full account access on a site’s mobile version, but the gap between desktop and mobile is getting smaller each day.

When choosing a casino site, it should be immediately obvious if they offer a mobile version, since most sites are proud of the fact and display it on the front page. You might also discover a casino site for your iPhone by searching the iTunes app store for casinos, gambling or slots. Sites vary between offering access by app or through the iPhone browser, though sadly the iPhone does not support Flash based games by default.

The benefits of mobile play for iPhone users include convenience and enhanced graphics. With the iPhone series being among the most advanced smartphones in the world, these devices can handle all the latest slot game graphics. Mobile slot games work by holding the phone in landscape mode, so that the reels can take up the screen. Many such games can still offer animated features, thanks to the powerful processors of iPhones. There tends to be a bias towards slot games rather than table games in the mobile arena, due to the fact that casino games require more detailed information on the screen, but this is changing too. This new world allows iPhone users to have their casino games ready at all times, even while travelling. South African online gamblers should still be aware of the legal limitations and risks involved with gambling online, as mobile play is considered the same as desktop play in the eyes of the law.